Rice Dispenser (Table Type) 

Hygiene: no manual contact at all times.
Product Info:

Hygiene: no manual contact at all times.

Thermal insulation: internal storage bucket, the inside of the barrel is in accordance with the food hygiene requirements of non-stick coating, can keep the rice warm and humid.

Safety: lack of food indicating light, buzzer alarm prompt, rice indicating light.

Easy to operate: the part of direct contact with rice can be disassembled and easy to clean, in line with national food hygiene requirements.

Save space: miniaturized design for use in restaurant desktop.


Rated electrical parameters:220VAC  50Hz

Rated power consumption:220VAC/120W

Nominal capacity:About 25kg of rice, 300g of rice can be used for 83 people at a time, and 200g meals can be used for 125 people at a time.


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