Elecpro, with more than 20 years professional experience that provides packaged services of product research, development, design, production, sales, and after-sales services to global customers.    

Elecpro is a leader dedicated to the integration of advanced technology and low cost manufacturing. Our company continuously offers products of high-quality, performance, and approval with outstanding service.    

In the industry of home appliances, Elecpro is a successful manufacturer of upscale Rice Cookers and large-scale Roaster Ovens. And is offering 7 series of products to well-known companies from over 30 countries in the world, including Rice Cooker, Roaster Oven, Electric Pressure Cooker, Induction Cooktops, Electric Skillet, Air Conditioner, Electric Iron etc.    

In addition to the domain of household appliances, Elecpro also developing rapidly in the industry of commercial appliances. Elecpro manufactures several categories of commercial appliances including Induction Wok Cooker, Electromagnetic Steamed Seafood Counters, Induction Stockpot Cooker, Wok Induction Stir Fryer, Multi-Functional Induction Cooker, Six-Plate Induction Cooker, Multi-Functional Steam Oven, Induction Hot Pot Heater and Food Thermometer. Commercial Intelligent Kitchen is to adopt home and abroad advanced idea and digital control technology, combine the cooking habit of China and the West, provide hotel and restaurant the most human and convenient intelligent kitchen appliance. The five targets of Commercial Intelligent Kitchen is to realize the intelligent, energy saving ,environmental, safe and standard of Chinese commercial kitchen, which will drive the revolution of the world Chinese kitchen appliance.