IH Rice Cooker FD40/50-IH92D

Sloping side operation
Product Info:

  • Sloping side operation

  • IH Technology

  • Intelligent Fuzzy control system

  • LCD display

  • 3D heating system

  • DSC precise temperature control system Soft touch button

  • Removable steam valve and inner lid

  • 2.0mm beehive alloy inner pot with non-stick coating

  • Multi-functions: Regular cook, quick cook, porridge, steam, stew, soup, keep warm, pre-set, cake, cleansing, etc.

  • Intelligentualized IC - result in delicious rice

  • DCS System - accurate temperature control in ±1℃

  • LCD - high definition display

  • 3D Heating System - ensure even quantity of heat and water to grain of rice

  • Cu-AI alloyed Inner Pot - result in stable and quick heat conduction

  • 24-hour Preset - fresh and delicious rice treated in the whole day

  • Cooking like Dancing - grain of rice rotate in the pot, result in plump rice

  • Infrared-Ray Media - Inner Pot release infrared ray, which accelerate food molecule active


Capacity : 1.4/1.8L   

Power : 1300W

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