Digital Rice Cooker RC06620

LED or LCD display
Product Info:

  • Micro-computer control

  • LED or LCD display

  • 3D heating system

  • Precise temperature control system

  • 0.9mm non-stick coated inner pot (1.7mm or 2.5mm inner pot available)

  • Removable inner lid

  • Multi-functions: white rice cook, brown rice cook, slow cook, baby porridge, pre-set, keep warm, etc.

  • DCS System - accurate temperature control in ±1℃

  • U-shape heating plate - energy-saving 20℅

  • Alloyed Inner Pot - result in stable and quick heat conduction

  • 24-hour Preset - fresh and delicious rice treated in the whole day

  • LED /LCD - high definition display

  • 3D Heating System - ensure even quantity of heat and water to grain of rice


Capacity : 0.6L 


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