Air-cooled IH Soup Stove (Two Stoves) EFH-21212P/500

No fire, no smoke, no exhaust, low noise (less than 50 decibels)
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Product Info:

High efficiency: the principle of electromagnetic induction heating the iron cooking utensils, heating up fast, the thermal efficiency up to 90%;

Safety: advanced microcomputer control system, with overtemperature protection, automatic fault detection, high voltage overshoot and lack of phase protection;

Intelligent design: constant power output, three-phase voltage varies between 276V~450V;

Energy saving: more than 50% energy saving compared with ordinary gas/oil burner;

Environmental protection: no fire, no smoke, no exhaust, low noise (less than 50 decibels);

Practical: multi - range fire control, can be simmer for 12 hours in a row, can also boil soup, meet different customer needs.

NameModelSize(mm)PowerVoltageRemark(mm)Select configuration and code
Air-cooled IH Soup Stove (Two Stoves)






Φ 500 x500 soup barrels (flat)

Φ 600 x600 soup barrels (flat)

(-k) time reservation knob.

(-d) single digit 8.

(C) cable

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