Water-cooled IH Soup Stove EWH-115P/500

Product Info:

Stronger reliability: the water cooling technology, independent cooling system is closed, no water vapor, the kitchen lampblack, insects and rodents, waterproof reach IPX6 grade, low failure rate, MTBF is higher than 6000 h;

Long service life: adopt fully enclosed chassis, electronic components are not easy to be polluted and corroded, and the effective service life is more than 2 years of air cooling machine core;

Heat efficiency is higher: the dissipation power of the cooling fan is reduced, the heat dissipated water is reused, the energy consumed is recycled, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 93%;

Ultra-low noise: avoid fan noise, work noise is less than 50 db;

It is easier to install and maintain: there is no need to install the exhaust duct, reduce the construction trouble and the supporting cost, and the electronic components of the whole machine need not be maintained.

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Water-cooled IH Soup Stove





Φ 500 x500 soup barrels (flat)(C) cable

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