IH Seafood Steam Cabinet EFS-215C

level 6 fire regulation, equipped with power indicator light
Product Info:

Intelligent: level 6 fire regulation, equipped with power indicator light;

Regular reminder, cavity body and food temperature display function, can adjust time according to need, the food material standardization superheat steaming process;

High efficiency: electromagnetic direct heating, heat without intermediate conduction, fast heating, thermal efficiency up to 90%;

Safety: advanced microcomputer control system, high low voltage and phase automatic protection, overtemperature and overpressure, automatic detection, water shortage effectively prevent dry heating protection against itself at the same time also can avoid scale;

It is used to solve the problem of easy plugging of normal parallel single-stage floating ball switch in the market.

Maintenance: open water tank, easy to inspect, easy to adjust and replace, more convenient to clean, product equipped with front cleaner, effectively protect heating elements and reduce the damage caused by scale;

Energy saving: the ladder type water tank, the surface area of the surface is maximized, the amount of steam is increased, and the energy saving device is equipped with two levels of steam power to realize the environmental protection and energy saving.

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IH Seafood Steam Cabinet





Two doors, fixed temperature timing

(-d) single digit 8.

(C) cable

IH Seafood Steam Cabinet





Three doors, fixed temperature timing

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