IH Noodle Boiler EFS-115BNS/9

warming fast, safe and reliable.
Product Info:

Safety: advanced microcomputer control system, overtemperature, automatic fault detection, excessively low voltage and automatic protection;

High efficiency: directly heating the water tank, the heat has no intermediate conduction, and the heating speed is fast.

Energy saving: the thermal efficiency is as high as 90%, which is more than 50% higher than the ordinary gas/oil burner;

Environmental protection: no flame, no exhaust, no smoke, low noise (less than 50 decibels);

Intelligent: 6 magnetic control fire control, accurate control, 276V~450V ultra-wide working voltage stable and reliable;

Specific: warming fast, safe and reliable.

NameModelSize(mm)PowerVoltageRemark(mm)Select configuration and code
IH Noodle Boiler





T high back plate with swinging faucet.

S low back plate with vertical tap.

4 stoves /6 stoves /9 stoves;

Surface after

(-t) with cooling pool.

(-d) single digit 8.

(C) cable

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