Hot pot stove(6 Stoves) 

no fire, no smoke, no exhaust
Product Info:

High efficiency: the principle of electromagnetic induction heating the iron cooking utensils, heating up fast, the thermal efficiency up to 90%;

Safety: advanced microcomputer control system, no pot, overtemperature, automatic fault detection, excessively low voltage and automatic protection;

Intelligent design: multi-level fire cycle regulation, constant power output, three-phase voltage change between 276V~450V can work normally;

Energy saving: there is no heat conduction and thermal radiation, more than 50% energy saving than ordinary gas or oil stove;

Environmental protection: no fire, no smoke, no exhaust, low noise (less than 50 decibels) to optimize the kitchen environment;

Features: each head is independently controlled and can be used in different kinds of products at a time. The production rate is fast enough to meet the needs of different customers.

NameModelSize(mm)PowerVoltageRemark(mm)Select configuration and code
Hot pot stove(Six eye)





Every eye for 3 kw

S low back/no cabinet

(L) with ark

(C) cable

(H) the tap

T high back

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